Quadrille Taster Session

Despite the grey start to the morning, everyone who took part enjoyed the quadrille taster day held on Sunday 2nd November at Ranksborough Polo Ground.

The session was led by Sarah Carlisle and we were joined by members of the Equestrian Quadrille to music team from Market Harborough. Sarah took us through some basic movements that are typically found in quadrille displays and with music playing the horses all seemed to enjoy themselves. It was a great exercise in control of pace and really having your horse listening and on your aids to enable riding as close together as possible and avoiding any collisions. 

Due to the enjoyment expressed by those taking part we will be looking and arranging another session so watch this space!

The Riding Club Summer Party, BBQ and Dog Show

31st August 2014

The Riding Club Summer Party, BBQ and Dog Show held at Belmesthorpe on 31st August was a great success. 12 dogs entered the dog show, and had great fun on the agility course, having sausage eating races, playing musical sit and many more. The weather was fantastic, burgers were enjoyed and the ice creams went down well.

Congratulations to Pam Sellers and Fonz, aka Felix on their 9th place at the Dressage to Music Championships!

Pam and Fonz came 9th out of 33 at the Dressage To Music Championships  with a score of 67.5% (243). They produced a super Test and deserved to be much higher. Marks were very close, and our congratulations to them both. Jane Ellis, Chef d'Equipe.

Kathryn Hibbins Training Grant Report

This is how Kathryn used the £50 training grant awarded to her at the Club’s AGM last November.....

I was delighted to have won one of the vouchers for Training at the AGM last November and decided to put the money towards a clinic that the British Dressage Northern Region organised with Spencer Wilton at Vale View in September.

I had felt for a while that Waffle wasn’t very secure in the contact he took from the double bridle I had been riding him in for a few years. My trainer, Alison Woulds, and I had used it to help Waffle work correctly over his back after a diagnosis of hock spavins had made it all clear as to why he was always struggling to work correctly. The bridle and bits had done their job up until recently but now we felt that he wasn’t quite happy. A dental check had also indicated that he was grabbing the bits with his teeth, causing a tiny bit of wear. Not a perfect scenario.

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Sue Holroyd's Training Grant Report

This is how Sue used the £50 training grant awarded to her at the Club’s AGM last November.....

In late January this year I purchased a nice young Irish horse who was very nervous in the stable but lovely and sensible to ride.

When he arrived he was unshod and very difficult to have his feet and legs handled, to the point of needing to be sedated to have his first set of shoes on.

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For more information about Grant Bazin, click on the link www.practicalhorsemanship.co.uk

National BRC Horse Trials Championships, Swalcliffe

Well, we did extremely well in the first instance, to qualify for the National Horse Trials Championships, this is a big and very busy event, held at a large equestrian centre, not the easiest place to find, winding down a few narrow lanes, but we all got there. As many of you will have heard by now, we surpassed our wildest dreams, we came 2nd overall, and then we came 1st, winning the section for all 4 scores to count, gaining a very smart Silver Salver, which will be shared between the 4 team members throughout the coming year.

Here are some of the scores, all of our team were very close with their marks, in all 3 disciplines, Each obviously getting double clears.

The ground was not good and I am sure almost every competitor had time faults on XC.

Team places:

1st - Three Waters with 103.0 from Area 19

2nd - Rutland with 112.6 from Area 16

3rd - Lakes from Area 3

Our team results were:

Karin 39.0 D, 0 SJ, 0XC and 0 time arena place was 9th

Gail 30 .5 D, 0 SJ, 0 XC with 8.4 time arena place was 6th

Sue 31.5 D, 0 SJ  0 XC with 6.0 time arena place was 8th

Louise 31.0 D, 0 SJ, 0 XC with 5.20 time arena place was 6th

The individual totals were Karin 35, Gail 37.9, Sue 37.5, Louise 34.2. They all were so closely placed - very well done to them all and what an achievement for our comparatively small club. Many congratulations to you all, and now we can look forward to next year. I am very proud of you all!

Pat Brown

Sue Scarrott's Training Grant Report

When I won the £50 training grant at the Club’s AGM last November, I was thrilled. My partnership with my 9 year old mare, Poppy, was in its fourth year but our rather erratic progress was proof that tuition still needed to be a high priority. Although we have had successes (and a few rosettes), there are times when I think we are special needs combination, as I started competing at a late age and Poppy often displays ADHD type symptoms! 

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Sunday 18th May 2014

Area 16 BRC Senior Horse Trials Qualifier

This year we were at Epworth Equestrian again, the cross country course was different from last year, as it had been revamped by the Buntine’s and was quite colourful in parts, with quite a few skinnies, which took its toll in the results, it did however ride well, apart from some quick turns, which I feel is not always good practice on a cross country course, however, Rutland was flying the flag high again with very creditable results.

Cressida was in the 100 cm as an individual,she was 15th in her section, her scores were 32.1D; 12 SJ with 10 time, she had a lovely ride cross country and was clear but had 6.4 time.

The 80 cm Team

The team did incredibly well, with the 1st place win for the team, which means we are all off to the championships, at Banbury in August

Team scores are as follows:

Karin had 32.5 D ,4 SJ 0 XC with 0 time penalties

Sue had a 30.0 D, 0 SJ with 0.4 time, 0 XC but had 2.0 time penalties

Louise had a 28.5 D, 0 SJ , 0 XC with 1.2 time penalties

Gail had a 32.0 D, 0 SJ. 0 XC but had 13.2 time penalties

Louise ended up with a good score and was placed 1st Individual in this section

80 cm Class Results

1st Rutland with a score of 102.2

2nd EMDG Burghley with a score of 120.9

3rd EMDG blenheim with a score of 152.4

4th EMDG badminton with a score of 163.2

5th and 6th places went to Welton

I must add that Rutland did very well to beat all the EMDG and Welton teams

In the 80cm winning team Sue came 6th, Karin 8th, Louise 1st and Gail 12th

The 90 cm Team

This team came 4th and the competition was hot as they all had good dressage marks, here are the team scores:

Harriet had 32.5 D; 4 SJ, and clear XC but had 7.6 time (for going too fast! )

Cressida had 32.5 D;   0 SJ, and 40 XC with 0.4 time

Gail had a good 27.5 D, 4 SJ; and was clear XC but had 1.6 time

Sophie had a 38 D , 0 SJ, with 20 XC and 7.6 time

Gail also won the 4th Individual place in this section

90 cm Class Results

1st EMDG gatcombe team with a score of 112.2

2nd EMDG chatsworth team with a score of 132.6

3rd Welton with a score of 136.4

4th Rutland with a score of 142.4

Gail being 4th Individual

All the team members and Cressida doing the 100 cm Individual did very well and I want to say thank-you to you all for all the hard work you put in prior to the event, many thanks also to Rosemary for support and doing the driving.

Many thanks to all of you, and looking forward to the championships!

Pat Brown, Chef d'Equipe

Pam Sellers Report - Training Grant 

Read about how Pam Sellers used her Training Grant awarded at the 2013 AGM to help fund a British Dressage Training Camp. Click.........HERE.........for the full report.

Sunday 13th April 2014

Festival of the Horse Challenge Qualifier - Our 4th Placed Team!

Congratulations to our team of Karin Williamson, Cressida Heath, Harriet Walker and Sue Scarrott who came fourth at the Festival of the Horse Challenge Qualifier, held at Epworth Equestrian Centre. Well Done!