BRC Hat Guidelines 2016 - Information For Riders

For 2016, all members must ensure their riding hats meet the new BRC Hat standards.  At any riding club event - and this includes training sessions, clinics, local competitions,  qualifiers or championships you must ensure you are wearing a hat that comes up to the new standards.  If you are competing at an area qualifier or championship you will be required to have your hats tagged with a new ORANGE hat tag before competing. When you arrive at an area competition or championship, take your hat with you when you go to declare. The Official Steward will then check that your hat complies with an accepted standard. For more information regarding the new standards, check the British Riding Club website. Their guidelines are also available HERE.

Further information regarding protective headgear can also be found on pages 18 and 19 of the British Riding Clubs 2016 Rulebook or CLICK HERE.

BRC Area 16 Novice Winter Dressage Qualifier 2017


Three teams represented the Club at the Novice Winter Dressage Area Qualifier on Sunday 16 October 2016 at Trent Valley Equestrian Centre. The Rutland Whatborough Team of Mel Bennett on Alderfarn Z; Dawn Ross and Magnum van Overis Z; Jane Armstrong and Cork Beauty and Sue Scott and Ballintemple Myles ending up in fourth place out of the 21 Teams taking part

We had some excellent individual placing, with Mel taking first place in the morning Preliminary 2 arena, with a score of 70%. Rosemary David and Royal Mail were second, in the same arena, on another good score

In the afternoon, Emily Lumb and Donna Melissa were = first in the Novice 27 arena on 68.03% and Dawn and Magnum took fourth place in the Preliminary 2 arena

Sadly, only one individual rider qualified for the Championship per test and when the arena scores were equalised to find the winners, Rutland's competitors dropped down the individual order, which was a great shame, as they had achieved some of the highest marks of the day

Both arenas were spooky and those riding in the morning also had to contend with the most awful "monsoon" down pour, ending up absolutely soaked, so a special thank you to them for battling on. At one point, Carol McCarthy had to wring out her gloves while she was working in! Fortunately, the sun came out in the afternoon, which made life a little easier

A huge thank you to everyone for competing and for turning out their horses to such a superb standard in some horrible conditions.


Many congratulations to Rosemary David and Royal Mail (Robin) who were placed 8th at the Novice Dressage to Music Championships (0 Points) on a score of 70%. The Championships took place at Bury Farm, Bucks, at the beginning of October and 25 horses contested the class, with the first ten coming forward to the mounted prize giving


BRC National Championships 2016


The National Championship at Lincoln were very wet this year; it rained, solidly, for most of the day and, at one point, it looked as if Lincoln Showground would disappear into the low cloud

Despite the awful weather, Rutland Riding Club achieved some good individual results. Tamsyn Iveson, riding Mel Bennet'sAlderfarn Z, took first place in the Individual Riding Test arena on a score of 85.91% and they were also first in the Individual Preliminary Dressage on a score of 78.33% and second overall (all Team and Individual competitors)

Dawn Ross and Magnum van Overis Z were third in the Individual Preliminary Dressage, scoring 69.79%

Sue Scott and Ballintemple Myles took ninth place in their Riding Test arena, with 83.18%

The Riding Test Team of Dawn Ross, Tamsyn Iveson, Sue Scott and Emily Lumb ended up in 19th place, out of the 30 Teams competing. Marks and comments were interesting for some of the arenas! Emily had to substitute her mare, Donna Melissa, at the last minute, to replace Rorie, so many thanks to her for ensuing that we could compete with a Team of four horses.

Jane Ellis Team Manager

BRC Horse Trails Championships

After qualifying two teams for the Horse Trials Championships at Speetly on the revised dates this meant that everyone was keen to put in the extra training and fitness required, as the Senior 90 Team were to compete in a two day event with Roads and Tracks, Steeplechase and Cross Country.

Off we trekked down to Swalcliffe near Banbury on Friday 5th August with the Senior 80 Team competing in a championship one day event.  The team was Becca Lewis, Mel Bennett and Karin Williamson and they all acquitted themselves very well with Karin finishing 2nd in her Arena on her lovely Caffrey Thomas. 

Unfortunately both Rutland’s teams only had three team members in each team instead of four mainly due to changes of dates for the qualifier and unfortunate circumstances. 

On the Saturday the Senior 90 Team were doing their Dressage and Show Jumping before charging around the Cross Country in great style on the Sunday.  I must say that the extra training we did for the Roads and Tracks paid off as everyone came home with no penalties on this phase.  Sadly the competition was hotly contested and the 90 Team finished in 14th place out of 22 teams.  The winning teams came from Carlton (1st) and Saffron Walden (2nd).  Tamsyn Iveson on her own Enniscrone Morgan Gold (Dougie to his friends) was also placed 2nd in her Arena.  The other members were Harriet Walker riding Gooseberry Hill Benjy and Sarah Pointon riding Madge’s Lane Julie. 

Special mention must go to Harriet Walker who was the very first competitor on the Cross Country and did a wonderful round showing everyone how to do it – great accolade for Rutland Riding Club.

Of course we must not forget to mention that we had to provide two helpers at the Championships as we had two teams and thanks must go to Rosemary David – who acted as a dressage writer on the Friday, and Mel Bennett who came back on the Sunday to help up at the Steeplechase Course.  We would not have been able to send teams without their help.

I have posted the full results on a separate page.

Let’s hope we can better our performance at next year’s qualifiers.

Fiona EdmundsTeam Manager

Gail Yandle Unaffiliated Dressage Competition June 26th


I would like to say a very big “thank you” to everybody who helped to make the Competition, for Gail, on Sunday, a really happy and successful day. It was wonderful to have Gail, Eric and their family with us at Ranksborough and after early rain, the sun came out!!!  We had a great turn out of competitors, both from the Club and from further afield, thank you to them for supporting us and giving generously with their donations.  I am still accepting donations, but we have already reached £1,000.00 !!   Sue Scarrott organised an excellent raffle and Nikki Thomson ran the cake and produce stall, together these raised £470.00 which is an amazing amount, thank you to both of them.

 All the committee put in much time and effort, before the day, to make it a success. Then there are all the helpers on the day, Pat who helped me with the scoring, the writers Pam and Annie, the arena stewards, Sue Beech, Elaine and Georgina who kindly filled in where needed.  Fiona who made food for us all, including her legendry Chocolate Cake, all delicious!!! There are some photo's in the Gallery.

Thank you, all, very much for your help and support.   Rosemary.


1st Prize - Equi View Camera, Ticket 620 Carol McCarthy

2nd Prize - Barnsdale Lodge Hotel Voucher for 2 Farmhouse Teas, Ticket 664 Sarah Smith

3rd Prize - Horse Treats Buttercup Feeds, Irene Hubbard


2nd July 2016

Some of our members had a very early start competing at the Area Horse Trials Qualifier held at Speetley Equestrian Centre for the first time, but it all paid off as we had wonderful results.

The 80 Team consisting of Becca Lewis, Mel Bennet and Karin Williamson came first and the 90 Team with Harriet Walker, Louise Morris, Louise Cunliffe and Tamsyn Iveson romped home with the red rosettes too.

Although I was not there myself, the format was that competitors show jumped in the cross country gear as they went straight on to the course jumping over some steps out of the arena on the to course, which was quite difficult for the green horses.  This was mainly due to some of the course being rather waterlogged and saving time.  The original date of 19th June had to be postponed because of this wonderful British Summer we are having!

Rosemary David gallantly volunteered to act as cross country fence judge for the day and although her fence was straight forward and boring, she did in fact enjoy her day.

So thanks go to Pat Brown for standing in as Team Manager for me on the day, and to Rosemary, together with our team members for putting up such a wonderful performance.  We can now look forward to the Championships at Swalcliffe on 5th to 7th August 2016. Full results are on the results page.


Fiona EdmundsTeam Manager

BRC Area 16 Dressage Qualifier, 12 June, Sheepgate Equestrian Centre


The Club had seven Teams and nine Individuals competing at the Area Qualifier, so it was a very busy day! Despite the forecast, everyone kept dry and the arenas had really benefited from a good soaking from theheavy rain, the night before

The three Riding Test Teams were placed First and =Third, so subject to confirmation from BRC, Mel Bennett and Alderfarn Z; Tamsyn Iveson and Olympic Du Loir; Sue Scott and Ballintemple Myles and Emily Lumb and Rorie, will be competing at the Championships at Lincoln on 11th September. Tamsyn should also qualify as an Individual, on her other horse, Enniscrone Morgan Gold

The two Preliminary Dressage Teams were placed Second and Third. The Team of Dawn Ross and Magnum Overis Z; Pippa Owen and Claude Debussy; Jane Armstrong and Cork Beauty and Tamsyn Iveson and Enniscrone Morgan Gold had the same score as the winning Team, but ended up in second place, by one mark, when the teams were split. However, Dawn and Tamsyn should qualify for the Championships as individuals, as they were both placed first in their respective arenas

The two Open Dressage Teams were second and ninth and, again, there were some good individual placings in the arenas, with the Team just pipped into second place

Pam Sellers and Lucienne won the Medium Dressage to Music and will qualify for the Championships at Bury Farm, at the beginning of October, together with Rosemary David and Royal Mail, who has now been confirmed as the winners of the Novice Dressage to Music 0 Points

A huge thank you to everyone for making the trip to Sheepgate and many congratulations to all those who have qualified. The full results show the high marks that were achieved, right across the board, by our Teams and Individuals; very well done everyone!



My training voucher experience                  by Pam Sellers


I spent my Rutland Riding Club training voucher on a flat lesson with Kim Ratcliffe.  Kim is a British Dressage List 1 Judge as well as being a qualified Level 3 UKCC coach specializing in dressage.  Kim is also a Neuro Linguistic programming Practitioner and has a website called

My lesson was at the fabulous venue Houghton Hall near Huntingdon where Kim holds regular clinics.  The sessions there are always in the big indoor arena and usually the dressage boards and letters are set up as 20 x 60; so useful.

I took Lucienne along to the lesson.  Luci is a 15 year old 16 hand mare I have owned for 9 years.  I compete at both British Dressage and Riding Club dressage with her.  Her training level is now Advanced Medium having about mastered a flying change on command!! She competes at Medium level.

My lesson was about trying to develop more collection in the canter by influencing Luci with my seat and body and not my hands….  I warmed up in walk trot and canter then worked on positioning Luci to make full and accurate use of the corners, finding all her ‘buttons’. Whilst we were working in Kim was constantly watching us, asking me how Luci felt and asking me to describe what I was feeling.  We worked her a bit deeper to help engage her quarters and free up her back, all the time I had to concentrate on my contact.  We played about experimenting a bit with the amount of weight I had in each hand and discovered Luci dislikes too much in my left hand, but likes more security in my right hand.  Riding with this feeling produced a more consistent contact and she stayed straight and happy with less mouthy fussiness.

Using the 20 metre circle in canter I sat taller, chest out and lengthened my legs concentrating on not letting them slip back. It is to give a feeling that I can wrap my leg around and under her to lift and engage her core muscles. I tried to think about keeping an active hind leg and bouncing her along but not pulling the rein backwards.  I had to position my seat a little further back, but not drive with it.  The idea is a quicker hind leg but not speed.  The forehand needs to come lighter.  I was definitely getting it and Luci seemed to say ‘you only needed to ask me properly’.  I now need to develop the gears and elasticity.  It is hard work for the horse doing these kind of exercises and I wouldn’t want to work Luci like this every day but this is the type of work needed at the level she is training.

This lesson was fantastic.  We may not have done any of our fancy test movements but it was great to do some quality basics and in doing some experiments discover a couple of lightbulb moments.  Kim thinks I need to develop the canter more for the level we are at and I must be prepared to try some new things.  I tend to not over ride Luci for fear of upsetting her, especially in the test situation.  I know I have got to ‘go for it’ both at home and away and not treat her as a delicate flower.  I have to be prepared to experiment a bit more and dare myself.

Thank you Kim for the lesson, thank you to the Rutland Riding Club Committee for the generous training voucher and thank to my lovely Lucienne.  

17th April 2016 

Again this year the qualifier for the Festival of the Horse Combined Training took place at Grange Farm, Wittering and was a joint qualifier with Area 7 making the running of the event more viable.  Rutland Riding Club fielded two teams with one team finishing 2nd and the other team coming 3rd.
Unfortunately I was unable to be there myself, but Pat Brown was a very able deputy for me, shepherding everyone, and cajoling individuals into a team when there was a withdrawal.  I believe that everyone acquitted themselves very well, turned themselves out to a high standard, and hopefully enjoyed the day as the weather did improve.  So thank you to all the members who took part and represented the Club splendidly.
Full Results are posted as a separate item, and it looks like Sue Scott may be invited to the Championships being the next highest placed individual, not in the winning team. Thanks to everyone who came and supported, helped etc. and hope everyone enjoyed their day.

Fiona Edmunds
Team Manager



BRC Winter Dressage Championships


The Rutland Riding Club Team of Ali Gardner on Corban Johnny; Rosemary David on Royal Mail; Sam Rodwell on Mr Mistoffelees and Sue Scott on Ballintemple Myles came 11th out of the 30 Teams that competed at the British Riding Clubs' Novice Winter Dressage Championships at Keysoe on 9 April

Special congratulations are due to Ali and Sam who were both placed, individually, in their arenas. Ali and Johnny took 10th place in BRC D2 and Sam and Toff were equal 8th in BRC D10

Marks in the arenas were very close, with only a few marks separating the top three from the lower placings; so two marks could make a big difference for both individual and Team results! Team placing were tight and Rutland just missed the Team rosettes, which, like the individuals, go to 10th place

Many thanks to everyone for making the journey to Keysoe, which meant very early starts for Sam and Ali, who rode at the beginning of a long day. At least the journey home was shorter than it would have been from Hartpury, where the Championship have been run in the past!Id

Individual Results

Jane Ellis
Team Manager

Area Combined Training Competition - Grange Farm Wittering 17th April


" Rosemary would like to say a special " thank you" to all her helpers at the Area Combined Training on Sunday. Everybody worked a long hard day, especially Jane and Deirdre for doing large amounts scoring, plus keeping the score board up to date ! Sue Beech, Bella and Emily for keeping both dressage arenas running smoothly and to my writers Audrey and Kyria.

The lay out and conditions were not quite as planned,due to the heavy rain earlier in the week, but all went ahead.  Thank you to everyone for making it a successful day. "

Report on A Polo Shirt

Last Year, At The November 2015 AGM, I Became Lucky Winner Of The Non-Riding  Member’s Raffle.  The Prize Was A Voucher For Purchase Of An Item Of Club Clothing From Buckeroo At Vale View Equestrian Center.  I Was Delighted To Be Able To Choose A Navy Blue Polo Shirt , Which Was Then Embroidered On The Left Shoulder With The Beautiful Green And Gold Rutland Riding Club Horseshoe Shaped Logo.  This Stands Out Really Well As It Is 9 Centimeters In Diameter.   The Shirt Is Very Good Looking;  It Is A Really Welcome Addition To My Equestrian Wardrobe For The Coming Spring And Summer.  Thank You, Rutland Riding Club,  For This Lovely Gift. 

Eleanor Taylor


BRC Area 16 Intermediate Winter Dressage Qualifier: 6 March, Northern Racing College

Many congratulations to Pam Sellers and Luciennefor taking first place in the Medium 63 and to Emily Lumb and Rorie for coming first in Novice 30.  Subject to confirmation from British Riding Clubs, this should mean that they have both qualified for the Championships at Bury Farm on Saturday, 30th April, 2016, which is excellent news. Pam's mark stood out in the Medium class and Emily was both surprised and delighted with Rorie. She felt that they were both a bit rusty, as she had only just returned from America!

Congratulations, too, to Dawn Ross and Magnum van Overis Z, who also achieved an excellent result, coming second in the BRC D10. They may also be in with an outside chance of going to the Championships, if qualifications are not taken up.

Congratulations are also due to Rosemary David and Royal Mail who took sixth individual place in BRC D10

The team of Pippa Owen and Claude Debussy; Rosemary David and Royal Mail; Deirdre Haynes and Fernella Fudge and Sam Rodwell and Mr Mistoffelees were unplaced. Marks tended to be very close, with the second decimal point of the percentage score separating a number of the placings. In the Team competition, this can have a significant impact

Many thanks to everyone who made the trip to Doncaster and to Rosemary, who stood in as Team Manager, on the day



Rearsby Lodge Riding Club organised a splendid Area 16 Intermediate Winter Show Jumping Qualifying competition at Brooksby and Rutland were able to send one team, consisting of Sarah Pointon, Sue Holroyd, Louise Morris and Dawn Ross. There were nine teams representing five Riding Clubs in our Area with several Clubs fielding two teams.  Rutland Riding Club finished the first round on a score of 8 penalties.  With the exception of Louise Morris who was clear on Glorn Willow everyone else has an unlucky one pole down. In the second round everyone seemed to go much better over a slightly altered course and with the exception of Sue Holroyd on Chicory Chat whose young horse was beginning to tire and show his inexperience, we had three clear rounds – Sarah Pointon on Madge’s Lane Julie, Dawn Ross on Magnum Van Overis Z and Louise Morris.  This left Rutland still on the score of 8 penalties.  Unfortunately there were four teams on the same score.  The winners were East Midlands Dressage group with no penalties, and Blidworth on 4 penalties were 2nd.  So it was down to the timings on the second round which were very close.  This meant that Rutland finished 5th.

It was good to see such a good competition over an excellent course built by Beau Wood and we hope to field another team or two next year.  Well done to all who took part, and I hope you all enjoyed your day out.

Fiona Edmunds, Team Manager

Area 16 Vacancy

With the sad loss of Sheila Pepper, Area 16 now require someone to take on the roles that she held. If there is anyone out there who is willing and interested in taking these role please put yourselves forward.  You do not have to be a current member of BRC, but would need to join if you accept the either or both of the roles below. 

 Secretary - to attend Area Liaison Meetings for Area 16. The venue for these currently is between Lincoln - Newark and requires the taking of minutes and associated tasks. The meetings are generally held at 2 monthly intervals.

Treasurer - To be responsible for Area funds, which requires the banking of area cheques, handle outgoing payments, record income / expenditure and provide report for Area Liaison Meetings.

Please contact Roy Turner on if you would like further information or to put yourself forward

Revised Equine Prohibited Substance List - Key changes

Please note that the supplement Devils Claw has been added to the list of banned substances for horses competing at any Riding Club competition as well as any affiliated competition.

Possibly the most significant change is the addition of HARPAGOSIDE, more commonly known as DEVIL’S CLAW, as a Controlled Medication.  This is an anti-inflammatory product with pain-relieving properties that comes from the Harpagophytum procumbens root.

CAUTION: Devil’s Claw is frequently used in equine supplements.  It is important that competitors check all supplements that they may use and discard any that contain Devil’s Claw ahead of the introduction of the new Equine Prohibited Substances List on 1st January 2016.

Competitors are advised to be extremely careful when using any supplements; there are no guarantees that any supplements are free of prohibited substances so riders should assess the need and assess the risk before embarking on the use of supplements.